Communication without the subtitles

D ominique Nadeau helps bridge the language gap and has a natural instinct for bringing people together creatively. Backed by a solid network, and with her many years of experience in communications and international relations, Ëndé’s number one goal is to help you establish and develop the strong and lasting relationships you are looking for. Until May 2015, Dominique was senior political, economic and public affairs advisor at the US Consulate General in Quebec City.


Colloquially fluent bilingualism. Attended school in French in an English-speaking environment.  Learned both languages organically.  Has lived in Quebec for most of her life.

Senior Advisor

Questions, thinks, advises.  Language abilities and work as senior political and economic advisor has given her a wide array of skills and a unique perspective.  Holds deep understanding of the United States and American culture. 


Her work has taken her not only to the capital cities of Canada and the U.S., but abroad, to all regions of Québec, and to the High Arctic.


30+ years of experience in international relations. Intercultural sensitivity and understanding of Quebec, Canada and the United States.  Has worked on numerous bilateral issues and holds specific expertise on the Arctic and aboriginal affairs.

Press and media

Public affairs, press relations, research, and social media were also the mainstay of her daily work.


 In 2015, she founded her own communications and consultancy firm Ëndé offering writing and translation-interpretation services, project management, as well as business coaching and support in French-English.


If you talk to someone in a language he understands,
that goes to his head.
If you talk to someone in his own language,
that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela




Small things that make a big difference...

D ominique’s number one goal is to put her expertise and experience at your service in order to meet your objectives.  You want to boost your business, institutional and personal relations by making them clearer and more concise?  We offer active listening and the high quality results that will meet your expectations.  We’ve got you covered.

Your business and image are important to us.  Ënde is entirely committed to making sure your needs are met.

As our French-speaking friends would say: « si vous êtes satisfaits, nous le sommes également! ».




Get advice from us...

T o carry out her work, Dominique brings to the table several years of experience in international relations and communications, protocol and public affairs, as well as political, economic, and commercial affairs.  She is accustomed to complicated and often sensitive projects and  issues.

You are an English-speaker and need French-language support and guidance in Quebec ?  We can help you make the important connections you are looking for.

« Extensive experience, an unparalleled network of influential contacts, an encyclopedic knowledge of Quebec’s political and social history, a thorough grasp of U.S. government structures and procedures, and a razor-sharp intellect. Ms. Nadeau is not merely an excellent member of the team – she makes the whole team even better. That talent is worth having on your side. »

David Fetter – former US Consul General

« This Web site reflects the quality and many professional sensibilities of someone who is truly amazing, inspirational, deeply committed, and highly effective ».    

Thomas Hassett – Associate Vice President for International Enrollment and Affairs, Gannon University


Copywriting and Translation

The right words in the right places

E ffective communication is the crossroad between individuals and in a way your personal and professional business card.  Often it is the very first contact you will have with a client.  From writing copy to text editing and document layout, to translation from French to English, and an active presence during a meeting.  We can help you chart out your best communication strategy and that your clients will understand.

« Dominique Nadeau did some translation for my business from French to English and her work was consistently quick and flawless.  Dominique is professional and meticulous but she is especially great to work with. She is as insightful solving problems as she is to human relations.  She knows exactly how to zero in on our professional needs.  A problem in her field of activity, you can count on her to help shed some light for you. »

France Pelletier – Maison Nouvelle Alternative Santé

« I had the opportunity of working with Dominique Nadeau as part of political and cultural events such as the multidisciplinary and electronic arts festival Mois Multi.  I enjoyed her from Day 1.

Working with Dominique Nadeau is receiving quality professional services that are flawless and quickly delivered. But it is also the pleasure of working with an amazing, honest, and intelligent person who is also a good listener and has a fabulous sense of humor. »

Esther Charron, President Pôles magnétiques, art et culture 

Production Recto Verso
Assemblée nationale Québec
Gouvernement du Québec

Private Tutoring

Learn from your mistakes

A re you constantly disappointed that you cannot communicate in English with your counterparts during a business meeting. That you fail to sign up for a conference or professional training because you do not have the necessary language skills. That you remain silent during trips abroad because you are unable to speak and understand English? We are here to help and guide you by offering personalized English training. Sessions could take place in person, over a cup of coffee or breakfast, in a small group, or individually. We can offer you online support via Skype, FaceTime, by email, or even by phone. We can work with you around a specific theme such as business English skills, preparing for a personal or professional interview, a travel plan, or other.

You decide.

« Dominique gave me private English lessons, offering a dynamic and professional service in a relaxed environment, and putting me completely at ease. She was in tune with my needs and adapted the material and her approach to meet my expectations. She is wonderful, I recommend her wholeheartedly! »

Chantale Bédard, Psychologue M. Ps


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We are here to help.  If you have any additional questions, you can reach us by email or by completing the contact form, to request a quote or to set up an appointment.  We will answer you without delay.


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